Peyush Bansal  Biography, Net Worth | Lenskart Co-Founder and CEO

 Lens kart Co-Founder and CEO

Hello Friends to day we will talk about Peyush Bansal Biography, Net Worth | Lens kart Co-Founder and CEO. Peyush Bansal is a person who has built such a business through hard work, It’s has gained a reputation in India and abroad as a brand Lens kart.

Yes friends Peyush Bansal is the CEO Founder Of Lenskart. He is currently seen as a judge on the Shark tank India reality show.
How he became the owner of 0 to 40000 cr. We will bring that up before you today.

Peyush Bansal  Biography

Peyush Bansal was born in Delhi. He was born in 1985.
Peyush Bansal was from a middle class family. Naturally there was a lack of money in childhood.

He excelled in his studies and his aim was to Complete higher education in IT.
After completing H.S, he applied to study IT, but for some reason that application was rejected.
He decided to go to Canada to complete his studies, but he was short of money. Somehow Piyush persuaded his father to go to Canada to study.
But as the problem of Piyush grows in Canada, so does the difficulty of having money to Survive.
That’s why he works part time as well as studying.

But fortunately I met a senior person, who did all the coding work in the IT college. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. So keep learning coding as you study.

Seeing Piyush’s interest in coding, the man offered Piyush a chance to work. Piyush understands that most of what is being taught in college is in theory.

But by coding, he gained real knowledge.

Peyush Bansal With Microsoft Journey

Then Piyush interviewed Microsoft company for the job. The first interview was rejected. But Piyush insisted on working for Microsoft. Piyush then worked hard for another year, and was selected for the next Microsoft interview.

After working at Microsoft for two years in a row, he can understand how the company has built its business. Enough experience on how to run a new business.

So he returned to his home country of India. Yet he do not find what they will do.

Piyush Bansal Lens kart

After doing many research he realizes that there is a big problem with human vision in India. There are many people in India who have very poor eyesight, but they are not able to see a doctor and take glasses as required.


So he solved the lens kart company to solve their problems.

This Lens kart made glasses according to human vision. Made different models of glasses for the young generation. Every generation, child, adult, woman makes glasses for people of every stage. Not only that, Piyush used to sell spectacles at almost half the price of all the spectacle manufacturing companies at that time.

That is why in a very short time people started using lens cart glasses.

At the same time, Piyush Lens kart is a big marketer and advertiser.

 Peyush Bansal Net Worth – $80 million Approximately


NamePeyush Bansal(Entrepreneur)
Date Of Birth26 April 1985
ParentsWife Nimisha Bansal
AddressDelhi, India
QualificationEElectrical engineering at McGill University
Lens Kart CompanyLens Kart  Co Founder & CEO
ProductEye Glass
Net WorthApproximately $ 2.5 billion.



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