Biography Of Harsh Rajput Dhakad Reporter (Dhakad News Channel)

Biography Of Harsh Rajput Dhakad Reporter (Dhakad News Channel)


Friends today we will know about Biography Of Harsh Rajput Dhakad Reporter (Dhakad News Channel). We know that in February 2000, the Corona Lockdown was announced, due to which almost all government and private offices and mills, workers and small traders were completely shut down.

When people are living in a time of fear and anxiety, some people come forward for entertainment to make people laugh a little.

One of them is Harsh Rajput.

Harsh Rajput has a YouTube channel. In the current one year, the number of subscribers has increased to 1.5 million.

That’s why the channel has won the first place in India in terms of fast YouTube subscription observation.

Today we will know how Harsh Rajput Corona has made people smile through their hard times.


Harsh Rajput Biography

Rajput was born in Aurangabad, Bihar.

Completed Bihar School and College.

Harsh went to Delhi for government service, where he spent two to three years preparing for government examinations.
But no good results were found.

Then one day I want to see a theater play with a friend.

Of course his friend used to work in that theater .
Their plays and performances in the theater greatly influenced Rajput.

A few days later Harsh intended to learn the work of combining home theater.

After training, Harsh decided to go to Mumbai and audition.

But unfortunately due to the lockdown.
All auditions are closed.

Harsh Rajput Video Journey

Seeing the Harsh helpless, they returned to the village house.
He was suffering from depression after not doing any work for two-three months.

Suddenly one day Rajput decided that he had learned the work of theater, that work he would start in the village.

Rajput gathered some of his friends, then started making videos.

In fact, the Corona government of the day repeatedly asked everyone to wear a mask and go out.

But the Harsh were very upset to see that the people in the villages of Bihar did not follow these rules properly.

Then he has a thought in his head that if he makes a video centering on Mask wear, a social message will go.
Along with that you can get good subscribers on Dhakad News Channel

So he started making 4-5 minute comedy videos on YouTube.
The first few YouTubes became quite popular.

Gradually his channel’s viewership began to wane.
The rest of the friends involved with the YouTube channel slowly quit their jobs.

Bad times suddenly Rajput’s head comes to a little wisdom.

In Corona there was a time when the government and doctors made it a rule that every human being should wear a mask.

Harsh Rajput Reporting Popularity

In that case the people of the village were not following the rules completely.

Rajput decided to force the villagers to wear masks through his Dhakad News channel.

And he made videos as well.
Videos from Dhakad News channel are hugely popular.

He made videos about how some people are neglecting to wear masks, how to convince them.

Of course, Corona has been watching every single one of his videos since time immemorial.

And gradually the number of her YouTube subscribers continues to grow.

At present, the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel has crossed twenty lakhs.

At the speed at which the demand for his video per person is increasing, he will soon exceed 5M.

The current Harsh Rajput have started making videos on different topics. We will see these videos in 2022.


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