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Goli Soda Movie Hindi, Cast, Heroine Name

Goli Soda Movie Hindi, Cast, Heroine Name

Hello friends, Today we are going to review today is – Goli Soda. 

whenever we want to see, we go to YouTube and try to find Movies of big superstars and high budget Movies.

Naturally, everyone likes to watch superstar movies.

But did you know that there are still a lot of small movies in the world that have very low budgets, with new actors and actresses being made into movies.

And there are a lot of movies out there where the acting, movie story, screen play, directing is so advanced that it can accommodate the big superstars.

The name of the movie we are going to review today is – Goli Soda.


There are no big superstars in this movie, shooting has not been shown in foreign locations.

There is no such thing as a high budget song.

However, if you watch this movie once, you will get tears in your eyes.

So Stay with Us.


Goli soda Movie Story

The film tells the story of three orphaned children between the ages of 17-18.

It goes without saying that they have no education, they have no one in the family, but the female vegetable seller Aachi (Sujatha Sivakumar) has been looking for them since childhood as a parent.

These are the names of 4 boys
Pulli (Kishore)
Saetu (Sree Raam)
Sithappa (Pandi)
Kuttimani (Murugesh)

These four worked as day laborers in a vegetable market.

And that market is their address.

Although an orphan, these four friends were very happy to smile, but there was a very general demand, to eat good and bad, to wear good clothes, to watch movies. Their desires are very small among the common people.



But God sometimes becomes cruel, the day will come when they will not have enough money to feed themselves, Grandma will sometimes give them some food.

But how long it is possible to walk like this.

Grandma thought that the future of these four was very bad

Aachi (Sujatha Sivakumar) meets Naidu (Madhusudhan Rao), the most influential person in the market.

In fact, Naidu has a lot of illegal business, keeping a few thugs.
Everyone in the market is afraid of him.
Aachi meets Naidu and asks him to give her children a job.

Then Naidu kept his word.

Said he has a godown house in the market,

Occasionally some business boxes are kept in the godown, the rest of the rhyme being empty.

In that godown if you want.

Can do any kind of business

Everyone decided they would open a restaurant.

Their work is like thinking. In just a few days, they opened their own dhaba.

The new business went very well for them and everyone was very happy in their minds.

But this happiness did not last long.

Some of Naidu’s thugs kept coming to them, eating free fish-meat and other food from that restaurant.
Chat with wine ..

Goli-Soda-Movie Actress Yamini

Goli-Soda-Movie Actress Yamini

Seeing this situation, other customers stopped coming to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the Aachi and her children could not say anything because this place was given to them by their owner for free business.

There comes a time when the business is almost at an end and is forced to give up all the food cooked for the store.

But Naidu’s thugs brought a woman to the restaurant at night for sexual intercourse.

Seeing this, the boys got into a fight with the thugs.

Then the Aachi  went to Naidu’s house with her sons and her men complained against them.

But unfortunately, Naidu gets angry with against  Aachi  and her boys.

Naidu tells his thugs to take these boys to the market and kill them in front of everyone.
Aachi and they took captive.




Film Information

1Film Directed byVijay Milton
2Produced by N. Linguswamy (Presenter)
Bharath Seeni
3Screenplay byVijay Milton
4Music byS. N. Arunagiri
5CinematographyVijay Milton
6Distributed by  
  • Thirrupathi Brothers Film Media
7Release date24 January 2019(Recreate)
8Running time    117 minutes
9Language            Tamil + Hindi
10Budget₹20 million
11Country               India


Goli Soda Cast

SaetuSree Raam
Aachi  Sujatha Sivakumar
Naidu(Madhusudhan Rao)


My Word

I hope you like my Review of Goli Soda Movie Hindi, Cast, Heroine Name. If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.







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