Dr Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre | Organizations & Antriksh Kendra

Dr Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre | Organizations & Antriksh Kendra

(Dr Vikram Sarabhai Birthday: 1919 AD, Died: 1971 AD) Dr Vikram Sarabhai has born on 12 August 1919. He has a very talented student from his childhood. He mastered the subjects of study very easily. Then he would look at the outside world. He obtained a BA degree in Physics. He brought the scholarship to the world-famous Cambridge University.


Vikram Sarabhai Education

In 1940, Vikram Sarabhai Education began in a new environment. Coming to India, Dr. Chandrasekhar studied at the postgraduate level under the supervision of Venkataraman. In 1947, he received a hint from Cambridge. H. D. Degree.

The subject of Dr Vikram Sarabhai’s research has the nature of cosmic rays. It has at this age that he wrote a remarkable research paper on cosmic rays. Since then, Dr Vikram Sarabhai has been a popular name and personality in cosmology. A Physical Research Laboratory has been set up in Ahmedabad. This

Dr Vikram Sarabhai has nominated as the first director of the laboratory. With his keen interest and enthusiasm, a textile research center has set up in Ahmedabad. He established the Indian Institute of Management. Today it has become one of the most advanced educational institutions in the world.


Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

Research on nuclear power has already begun in India. India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has expressed keen interest in the matter. World-renowned scientists have come to think of Hemi Jahangir. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai has elected as the second chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India. In addition, he has the head of the Indian Space Research Organization.

Dr Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Despite being the master of two subjects, Dr Vikram Sarabhai spent most of his time doing research. His achievements in administrative skills were unquestionable. Nevertheless, he did not distance himself from teaching. For the common man, the door of his living room has always open. | With his interest and enthusiasm, the first Indian satellite named Aryabhata has launched into space in 1965.

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Through this, the developing country India has able to gain a very proud seat in the world. Today space research in India. Overcoming one obstacle after another. India’s space mission at the moment. The moon is rotating around the center. Even today, every moment reminds me of great people according to Dr Vikram Sarabhai. Thanks to their foresight and creativity, India has won this coveted seat today.


Vikram Sarabhai Organizations Founded

In 1975-7 he has engaged in space research. A project called Satellite Instruction of Television Experiment has already been set up. In short, S. I. T. Is called. Through this project, it has been possible to educate about 5 million people in 2400 villages. Satellite education has spread to different places. Until then, most people in India were illiterate, a great curse of life.

We will not be able to achieve significant success without the help of satellites. Dr Vikram Sarabhai wanted to use science to spread education. So this plan. Today, through this scheme, the people of remote villages are being able to get an education. Life is getting the weapon to win the war. In this way Dr Vikram Sarabhai is alive in the minds of ordinary Indians. That ultra-modern space study in Thumba

Vikram Sarabhai Antriksh Kendra

Vikram Sarabhai has established Antriksh Kendra,   with the great scientist Dr Vikram Sarabhai in the background. | Sarabhai’s first and foremost attraction has the destruction of the source of cosmic rays and the nature of motion. The energy flow inside the cosmic rays catches our eye which surprises us. This energy comes to earth from the outer world.

The motion of this energy is affected in many ways by the sun. Not only that, the atmosphere and the magnetic field affect this energy. Sarabhai, the speed of this energy and the effect of different objects on it. Researched about it. Based on the results of this research, a new branch of science has been born today. Even today we have no end of thoughts about cosmic rays.

With this we have learned a lot about geophysical magnetism. The reasons behind the constant changes in the Earth’s atmosphere are also known. I have learned the story of the religion of the sun and other astrologers in the universe.

Dr Vikram Sarabhai has been honored in many ways in the course of his life. We thus pay tribute to his extraordinary contribution to the pursuit of science and art. The International Astronomical Union has identified a region of the moon in its name. This is how Sarabhai is alive in Chad’s chest.

Dr Vikram Sarabhai Death

The life of this great scientist has extinguished in 1971.

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