Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Biography | Project & Institute

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Biography | Project & Institute


 The life story of the great Indian scientist through whom we are about to begin this episode is Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. Recently, there has been new insanity around him all over the world. The Nabel Committee even convened a tribunal and declared that Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose should be posthumously awarded the Nabel Prize. This issue is also being debated. We know of some discoveries that Acharya Basu’s lifelong pursuits are intimately associated with, but since he did not receive a patent for these discoveries, they have been linked to scientists elsewhere. Many scientists around the world have spoken out against this injustice.

It’s good to think that this storm has been centered on an Indian scientist. They have spoken of Acharya Basu’s humble life & again tried to ignore his multifaceted pursuit. The man who started his life as a true physicist later changed direction and became a botanist and zoologist. Gave birth to a branch called bio-physics or biophysics, which has become the center of many sciences today.

Acharya Basu’s life simple according to the Indian sage. In no case did he try to impress or reveal himself. This apparent indifference may have kept him away from the commercial world, but behind it lies a strong mindset and arrogance that is one of the elements of Indian consciousness.

Jagadish Chandra Bose Date Of Birth

Acharya Basu born on November 30, 1857. In the city of Mymensingh in present-day Bangladesh. His father’s name is Bhagwan Chandra. (56)

Mother’s name is Bamasundari. Bhagwan Chandra’s family originally lived in the village of Radikhal in Bikrampur Pargana of Dhaka district. The Basu family a respected family in Radikal. At that time Bikrampur a pioneer in education, Bhagwan Chandra a devout Brahmin. Jagadish Chandra spent his childhood in the company of his father Bhagwan Chandra.

As a magistrate, Bhagwan Chandra very generous and generous. Not only that, Bhagwan Chandra enrolled his son in an ordinary rural school. From an early age, Jagadish Chandra loved to wander alone in the whimsical playground of nature. Ever since then, curiosity has been born in his mind. Many questions arose in the mind of the boy Jagadish Chandra as to why the shy creeper curled up when he touched it.

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College

Bhagwan Chandra came to Burdwan for work. Then ten-year-old Jagadish Chandra admitted to the Hair School in Calcutta.

Jagadish Chandra bose EducationA few months later he attended Ellen St. Xavier’s School. The medium of instruction here English. At first Jagadish Chandra very difficult. Very quickly he overcame this difficulty. Tucker became a student. In 185 he passed the entrance examination. Admitted to St. Xavier’s College.
After coming to this college, he came in contact with Father Lafore, a professor of physics. The jump made him particularly impressed. In 18 F.A. And in 180 B.A. Passed the test. That same year he crossed over to Britain. Passed Trips from Cambridge. Passed B.Sc from the University of London. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College Admission.

Four years of exile is over. After returning to his homeland, he joined the Presidency College. Entered family life. In 18 Jagadish Chandra married Abala, daughter of Durgamahen Das.

Jagadish Chandra Bose profession Life

Jagadish Chandra an educator. Gained a reputation as a professor. Many of his students gained worldwide fame as scientists. Does. Such as Meghnad Saha, Satyen Baes, Gyanchandra Ghaesh, etc. This is the beginning of basic research. Hertzian began research on waves at Presidency College. Not only that, in 175 he performed his test in front of Chhatolat Mackenzie of Bengal. Chhatolat surprised and fascinated by this test. He allowed Jagadish Chandra to go to Britain. Towards the end of his stay in England in 1896, Jagadish Chandra invited to Paris.

From the physical society. Jagadish Chandra gave a speech there. In Berlin, Ellen spoke at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences. Gradually word of Jagadish Chandra’s genius reached people all over the world. This time Jagadish Chandra focused on research on physiology. Yag gave. At the International Congress of Science in Paris.

There he gave a talk on the equality of reactions between inanimate and living things in mechanical and electrical persecution. The scientific community of the world stunned to hear his speech. Invitation from the Royal Institution of England. Here also Jagadish Chandra gave a speech on the response of inert matter to electric shock. His research papers were published in various journals.

Sister Nivedita came forward, her companionship and closeness aroused Jagadish Chandra. Jagadish Chandra returned to the country. Here he has given a reception. This reception held on 2 February 1903 on behalf of the Indian Society. The Maharaja of Cooch Behar presided. The world poet Rabindranath saluted Jagadish Chandra by saying: “Joy haek, tab joy.

Jagadish Chandra Bose Outdoor Journey

The wife arrived in London in November 1908. He came there and started giving speeches on various topics. Sister Nivedita in London then. Jagadish Chandra came to America. Nivedita is his companion. He spoke as an invited speaker at various American universities. He spoke at the Boston Medical Society, the Botanical Society of America in Baltimore, and the Academy of Sciences in Chicago. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden.

After returning to the country, he started practicing science as well as developing the country. Set up the laboratory. In 1912, he awarded a D.Sc. Awarded the title. 1914: Jagadish Chandra travels to Europe for the fourth time. He accompanied by various instruments discovered by him.

This time he had to give a speech at Oxford, the seat of learning. That a historic speech. Through this speech, Jagadish Chandra proved that plants also have life. This time the invitation came from the world-famous Royal Institute. There too, Jagadish Chandra presented his theory in front of everyone through various experiments.

Went to Cambridge University. Then he left for Vienna, where he had to return to Paris. Scientists in Paris became fans of Jagadish Chandra. Got up. It turned out that they were fascinated by the research of this Indian scientist. The call came from New World America. Then Lenihan of the First World War.

The flame has engulfed the earth. Among them, Jagadish Chandra addressed one session after another. Ellen expressed her views in various ways, Ellen spoke in Boston, Smith spoke in Hington at the Smith Scientific Institution. American scientists were amazed at the touch of this Oriental scientist’s genius. Jagadish Chandra is going to open a new horizon in the history of cosmology. This time the victory is towards Japan. While in Japan, he spoke at several universities. Yag gave in various debate meetings.

Jagadish Chandra’s Working life

1915 Jagadish Chandra’s working life came to an end. The Government of India appointed him Professor Emeritus of Presidency College. Honored with the title Sir.

On November 30, 1918, Jagadish Chandra’s dream, Basu Science Temple established. Through this institution, he wanted to usher in a new chapter in the practice of Indian science. Even today, Basu Science Temple continues to conduct research in various fields of cosmology.

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College Kolkata established near 1st July 1987

1919 Travels to Europe for the fifth time. He invited to various meetings. After that Jagadish Chandra traveled to Europe several more times.

It was his seventieth birthday. November 30, 1926. A grand reception held on this occasion. Poet Rabindranath Tagore the most enthusiastic of the entrepreneurs. Accepting Jagadish Chandra, the poet wrote:

Friend, the day when the earth painless, the words of the desert, the joy of life, the fear, the sorrow, the youth.

Seen in great solitude.

Hundreds of epochs were to be heard under the deep depths of the footsteps of stubborn people.

Shadow Bithi spread. The primitive language of life hidden in his heart. Marble in hints at the movement not being completed. Today he has fought with thousands, Blessed are you, blessed are you, friend, blessed are you, blessed is the land of virtue.

On 14 April 1931, he given a civic reception by the Calcutta Municipal Corporation. At this time Jagadish Chandra’s body gradually began to break. In the previous opinion. Can’t work anymore. His mind is on the welfare of the country even in the midst of illness. across. Finally, that day came.

Jagadish Chandra’s 80th birth anniversary will be celebrated on November 23, 1936. Jagadish Chandra but. Didn’t survive for that happy day. His lamp of life extinguished. Let’s go. Gone is the greatest scientist in India. It’s nice to think, we still talk about him every moment. New Age researchers followed in the footsteps of Jagadish Chandra. It can be said without any doubt that the world of tomorrow will always find new directions of Jagadish Chandra Manisha.



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